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A Journey Full of Health is a life coaching organization for Christians seeking to thrive in their calling. 

One on One Coaching 

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Speaking Engagements

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Group Workshops

Interested in having a series of workshops with a group of peers to overcome your barriers?

What is Life Coaching? 
& how does this company provide it?

Great question, Life Coaching is hands-on support that helps one overcome barriers.  At A Journey Full of Health we specialize in helping Clients overcome negative thinking and habits that keep them from thriving in their calling . Coach Bi is our lead coach & she offers one-on-one coaching, group workshops, and speaking engagements. 

What is A Journey Full of Health?

Define: A Journey Full of Health

Noun: a  journey full of health; plural noun: journeys full of health

The name of this life coaching organization.

Living a whole life in Jesus and thriving in your calling.

What's A Journey-Mate?

Define: Journey-Mate

noun: journey-mate; plural noun: journey-mates; noun: journey-mate; plural noun: journey-mates

A Christian transitioning into or seeking to thrive in their calling. 

 Coach Bi

Coach Bi, Bianca Thomas-Veal  is the Founder of A Journey Full of Health & The Christian Journey Podcast. This community began in 2013 when she began a weight-loss journey with a friend. She is a certified professional Life Coach that abides by ICF standards. She studied at Bowling Green State University earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and took Mental Health Counseling courses at Ursuline College. Throughout her career, she’s provided mental health services and coaching to diverse populations. From recovery to entrepreneurship, she understands coaching Clients into hopefulness, excellence, and thriving in their purpose.

Bianca Thomas-Veal
Coach Bi

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