Join us today Journey-Mate!


“I found your page because I was looking for coaches in Cleveland and what’s amazing is that I did an event a few days later and met a soulful woman named Ann who referred me to you as a place I could go for mental health support.  I’ve found guidance, love, support and so much more in following your journey. I’m so happy that you fought through and spoke on it. That’s true power and one of the reasons I follow you 💗💗💗


“1. The word that you spreading on your page gives me the encouragement that I need when I don’t feel like doing something. In other words, it usually drifts me away from procrastinating and motivates me in wanting to do more compared to just pushing my priorities to the side. I also LOVE YOUR ENERGY!!

2. I’ve learned that you must love yourself first, Self care.

3. I think Ursuline students would defiantly benefit from you because everyone needs that positive outlook on life knowing that they are capable of doing something/anything.”


"Hi I remember the day I met you you are amazing then and still amazing now I love to hear you speak and I learn something every time, I'm actually transitioning myself from a lot of things, thank you for sharing."

A Light Bearer

"Thank you Bi💜✨powerful and right on time MESSAGE."

Bianca Hopes

"Bi, you lift me ALL THE WAY UP GIRL 🙌🏽"


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