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A Journey Full of Health Services

What services do we offer?

We offer one-on-one life coaching, group workshops, and speaking engagements. Our services help Christians thrive in their calling! 


Do you need help getting unstuck or thriving in your calling?

Speaking Engagements

Does a part of your community need help thriving in their purpose?

Group Workshops

Would you and a group of peers like to overcome barriers together?  

The Six Month Guide to Eating Plant-Based

The Sixth Month Guide to Eating Plant-Based

breaks down the process of transitioning into a plant-based lifestyle transition into 10 Phases with simple nutritional guidelines.

This programs comes with various resources such as:

10 Meal Plans & 2 Meal Plan Templates

Nutritional Guidelines for Each Phase

A Relapse Prevention Plan

Goal Setting and Self-Evaluation tools

& so much more! 

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